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If you are new in the field of affiliate marketing and your website traffic is not very large, then you cannot make more sales. If you are promoting the products that are low priced, then your monthly income will be very low. Usually the e-books and audio files are one of the lowest priced products which you may decide to sell. The usual sale price of these items is less than $100. This means for every sale, you will be receiving about $20 if the sale commission is 20%. In order to generate some reasonable revenue, many sales will be needed. But it is not possible in case of new websites where traffic is not very large.

On the other hand if you are an experienced affiliate marketer and your website traffic is really large then you can expect to earn a good amount even by promoting low priced products. If the products are hot and your traffic is large, then it is not a problem. For example, if you can sell 100 products, then your monthly income will be $2000 at the rate of 20% sales commission. This amount can be increased if you are promoting more than one product.

Small affiliate marketers should not choose the low priced products to promote. Such affiliate marketers should choose the hot product having a good price. For example, if the product price is $1000 and your monthly sale is 10 products then you are getting $2000 per month at the rate of 20% sales commission. It means that less traffic and sales may reward you more, if you are promoting the high priced products.

But to sell the high priced products requires some extra efforts. Offer some free reports or newsletter or some other useful stuff on your website and store the email addresses of your website visitors. Your offer should be so effective that most of the visitors should give you their email address to take your offer. Now use these email addresses to start your ad campaign. This will result in more traffic to your website. The companies that are making high priced products usually offer the free installations, free maintenance and other benefits to their customers. Study these services in detail and advertise them. Tell your visitors that they will receive the technical assistance after they purchase the product. There may be some other offers like a money back guarantee.  Talk to your merchant and get the full details. Then inform your users using your website pages, newsletters and emails. These steps will surely increase your website traffic and number of sales.

The merchants, who are manufacturing low priced products, usually don’t offer extra benefits like a money back guarantee, free installation, technical assistance and free maintenance etc. This is another reason of fewer sales of low priced products.

But if you can find some merchants who are offering these extra services with their low priced products, you can choose to promote their product.  But also choose some high priced hot products too. Try to sell them both.


As a conclusion, we can say that usually selecting a low priced product for affiliate marketing is not a good decision, because you are required to make many sales to get generate a good income. But if your website traffic is very large then you can select the low priced products, because you can expect more sales. Selecting a well priced product and starting a good advertisement campaign usually gives better results.

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