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Internet Protection in 3 Easy Steps

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by OpinionOwl
Let me tell you something.  I don't know everything there is to know about the Internet.  .  However, I do know how to protect my computer.  It's really not that hard.  If you follow some basic rules, you will know how to protect your computer also. Every day there are new viruses and new things to look for out for on the Internet so let's go over a few basic rules.
1.  Your browser.  Like it or not, some of the most popular browsers aren't the safest browsers to use when surfing the Internet.  In fact, some of the most popular browsers can definitely lead to some big problems down the line.  My personal choice is Firefox.  Firefox is truly an advanced browser.  The best part about Firefox is that it is free.  That's right, ironically, a free browser is the safest browser to use at the current time.  Firefox is constantly being upgraded and its security is top of the line

2. Your passwords.  I know it is very easy to use the same password over and over.  Heck I still do it often times, but it can turn into a very big security problem.  If you aren't careful you could open yourself up to a large security issue.  If someone were to guess your password, they would be able to access many different types of accounts of yours.
3. Filter.  There are all sorts of new filters on the market today for web browsing and using the Internet in general.  This article isn't long enough for me to get into all the specifics of the different types of filters that are available for your computer.  Just take a look around the Internet, or do a web search on Google or Yahoo, and you will be able to find many different types of filter software for sale.  Filter software can be especially handy if you have children around and want to keep them from seeing different types of web sites.

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