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Domain Name Hacks

Traditional domain names consist of a word or phrase that describes a website followed by an extension. Extensions can be .com, .net or country-based such as .fr or .jp. So, if this is the case, how can domain names like or exist? It's because a domain name doesn' ... keyword analyzers for free, though webmasters might find more use from paid keyword analyzers. This is because paid keyword analyzers offer more information about a keyword than free ones.

posted by BouncyOracle
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Domain Name Arbitration

After several minutes of pondering and looking at keyword analyzers, you find the perfect domain name for your new website. You see if it is available through your desired domain name company. When you find that it is, you get excited because it seems that it is going to be quite profitable for your site. So, you ... Yet, for most webmasters, the decisions made by the UDRP panel are good enough for them, since getting their consul is a lot cheaper than going to a judge.

posted by HarmlessRose
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Hyphenated Domain Names

You think of a perfect domain name. It contains a keyword that is found in search engines, has no trademark issues and is memorable for website visitors. You try to register your domain name with a domain name company. It appears to be taken. So, you put a hyphen in it. That version of your ... name gets turned down. Webmasters don't have to settle for these type though, since there are more sophisticated domain name generators that can offer even more suggestions.

posted by AwfulSoul
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Domain Name Redirect Services

It's no secret that a short, memorable domain name is what is needed to help visitors to a website. It also helps if the domain name contains keywords that are likely to rank high in search engines. So, what does a webmaster do if they are promoting an affiliate program or a website created from ... normal-looking domain name available through a domain name redirect service. This is if they aren't marketing through hyperlinks, which do not require an official domain name.

posted by GardenParrot